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“At Campbell Ridge, we will Cooperate, Respect, Engage, and Be Safe with everyone at school.”

Our mission is to provide a safe, caring environment where everyone is engaged in successful learning.  We do this through the shared values of Respect, Shared Responsibility, Optimism, and Open Communication  Perseverance

working together
take 10
walking trail
learning maths
working hard
lunch with the teacher
the letter E
playing tricks
boys club
norse up
cleaning glasses
proud students
math work
working on the floor
day 100
earning rewards
friends at lunch
on the computer
smiling kids
students at lunch
students looking
students at recess
building photo
students at play
picture of student
student at lunch
students at recess
students at recess
students at work
Campbell Ridge Elementary
aerial photo of CRES
Cres gym at night

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